When can I stop breastfeeding?

How To Tell When It’s Time To Stop Breastfeeding.

People ask queries in care and feeding forum. You can see one such example

As a new mom, breastfeeding for me is not going well. My baby is about 2 months old and I want to stop breastfeeding and pumping and switch to formula but my worry is what people will think, and that I’m shortchanging my baby”

The experts answer goes like this

“It is good to stop breastfeeding and pumping even now as your baby is already 2 months old. He has already gotten lots of wonderful immunities from your colostrum and early milk, and you know that formula is the most tightly regulated food product in the United States.  You can safely give formula to your baby with clean water and you are an awesome mom and I don’t think you should justify others unless it makes you feel better to do so”

“You can buy the very cheapest formula at the store because they are all required to have identical nutrients, and there is no meaningful difference as the price goes up until your baby has a digestive issue and needs a soy formula, etc.”

You enjoy doing something, you will continue to do it. It holds good to breastfeeding as well. You can continue breastfeeding, if you want to and enjoy doing it. When you’re both ready, then you can stop it.

Most of the women, have an idea on how long they need breastfeed their baby. Experts advice that breastfeeding your child for first six months is good but at the same time, if it doesn’t go well, you can stop it.

“It is your decision on deciding how long you keep breastfeeding. This depends on how you feel emotionally, as well as your personal circumstances. “

If your baby is ready to try her first solid food at six months, you can still carry on breastfeeding her.

It also depends upon the support of your partner, and family. This will make it much easier for you to continue breastfeeding for as long as you want to. Sometimes, moms are under pressure from their friends, family or even from office to stop breastfeeding before they are ready. ultimately the decision is yours, so try not to be pressured into anything. 

You don’t need to stop breastfeeding when you want to return to work. Many moms successfully express breastmilk and combine breast and bottle-feeding, though it does take a little planning. It is always good to continue the breastfeed which can be a fantastic way to maintain that close, nurturing bond with your baby, and may even help both of you to cope with the daytime separation. But as I told you “It is your decision on deciding how long you keep breastfeeding”


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