What parents can do to help Pre- teens to get proper sleep

Tips To Help Your Pre-teen Sleep Better

Pre-teens are at crucial ages for developing healthy sleep habits.

They have variety of physical, emotional and mental demands and needs that rely on getting enough sleep.

There are several reasons for the pre-teens which makes it difficult for them to sleep well, like long school timings, busy schedules, early school time, peer competition and also their shift in hormones and their circadian rhythm.

Pre-teen do their best when they get enough sleep. They should get at least hours of sleep to perform well and be active and healthy. They might need 10 to 11 hours of sleep depending on their age.

Due to poor sleep habits, there are different issue they develop like anxiety, depression, increased risk of accidents, mood swings, performance dip in school, in sports, and so on.

They might think several stuffs like homework, Extracurricular activities, family responsibilities, and social activities during their sleep time and these may go out of their control. So, here are the tips and steps to help you to get preteens as much sleep as possible.

Avoid screen time during sleep time

Encourage your pre-teens to avoid screen time during their time to sleep and don’t allow screen in their bedrooms. The light flashes on the screen always signals them its day time and will not allow them to sleep soon.

Healthy sleep environment is always good

The bedroom of pre-teen should be healthy and calm. Make the bedroom cool, dark and comfortable. Please give healthy environments and choose appropriate mattress and bedding and use blackout curtains. Always don’t allow them to do their homework in bedroom as their bedroom should ne strongly associated with sleep and no other activities.

Help them to have balanced schedule

Pre-teens and teens become overcommitted with hobbies, school activities, social activities, sports and part-time jobs. Encourage then to create a schedule that is manageable and that gives time to rest.

Encourage them to maintain healthy sleep

You can help your pre-teens to maximize their sleep quality with good and healthy sleep habits. Support and help them a smooth transition into bedtime by maintaining a regular sleep routine, such as brushing teeth. This helps your pre-teen to maintain a consistent bedtime and avoid physical activity before the bed time.

Avoid using cold and cough medicines for sleep

Cold and cough medicines have sedating effects which might help your pre-teens to get sleep but that’s not the purpose of these drugs. Prevent them not to use these medicines for sleeping purpose and doing so, will help your pre-teen to stay stable and healthy

Avoid Forcing them to go early to bed

Pre-teens experience different hormonal changes during that age and they might not go to bed as early as they do before. Do not force them to go to bed early and try to understand them and their changes physically, emotionally and mentally.

Encourage them to go to bed when they feel sleepy and help them to have a healthy and proper sleep.

It’s time for you to try these with your pre-teens! Are you ready to try?

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