What parents can do to fix bratty pre-teens

Need Help With Your Bratty Pre-teen?

Do you have a bratty Pre-teens? Thinking how to fix that behavior?

Well, you as a parent need to understand that it can be a rough and tough transition period for your child with new world, new behaviors and new friends.

Rather than having arguments with them, there are tips given below where the parents can adapt to make it a smoother transition and conversion into the teem years.

Understand what they are undergoing is very important as a parent.

The pre-teens no more share secrets and suddenly behave as if there is nothing to do with us. You as a parent need to respect his change what they are undergoing physically, emotionally and socially. The more the parents understand the more it is easy to have smoother conversion.

Firstly, the pre-teens are exposed to wide range of people who can influence them and it may be different from what they are doing at the home currently. So, your child may try out the new tones they are learning from them to see what they can get away with. They need to know the independence and the boundaries.

Freedman-smith says that “As humans, especially as kids, are a lot about testing to see where the boundaries lie”.

Secondly, pre-teens are much more grown up than they are and they might get their sense of independence

Thirdly the social media influences and its impact towards the pre-teen attitude

All these three factors shape the preteens behavior, mood, attitude.

IT depends on the individual pre-teen how they take their new behaviors. Some kids test and some kids don’t. because it’s typical stage.

Freedman- smith says that “As a parent not to dismiss they see with their pre-teens as unacceptable and they should anticipate this as a phase of pre-teens life.

The unacceptable behavior can mean different things to different families, so you as a parent need to set out clear expectations for their kids and let them know about it. This can be anything varying from language which cannot be tolerated, or breaking boundaries, etc.

If your child breaks the boundaries or rules, please do not enter into argument right away. I would encourage you to sit with them calmly, talk to them about their behaviors in a subtle way and explain them what they have done wrong and then if needed set out a punishment.

Lastly, as a parent I would ask you to teach them from their mistake and allow them to learn from their mistakes. So, help them and guide them in the situation where they need you in the right direction by not over communicating with them what they should be doing but by leading by example so that they look up to you and approach you in a friendly manner whenever they are in need.

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