Top Ten Tips for those in Toddler Land

Ten Tips To Help You With Your Toddler

If you recently visited your uncle’s or aunt’s little ones or you are a young mother who just got into the toddler’s land this guide is essentially for you. Over the holidays I spent my time in the toddler land with my little grand-kids and I came to realise what most parents have to cope with just to take care and understand their toddlers in order to avoid being call the bad parents.

We all have to come to terms that toddlers are specifically wired to explore, move, and ask weird and unimaginable questions which they have limited or no capability of achieving at that particular time. The teaching and also guiding of our toddlers in order to be competent, responsible and capable individuals physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and psychologically is a journey parents have to take charge of everyday and every second of their lives.

This journey of living with toddlers aims challenging any mature individual’s potential to be patient and compassionate. They will surely throw you off balance but I have developed some really helpful tips that has helped others in living in the toddler land.

  • Quiet time

We all need some quiet time in order to relax and just let our brains rest, well our toddlers need it more. Having toddlers, you have to realise that they need time to just lie down still and the environment is noise-free.

  • Toddlers Curiosity and Wonder

Little kids are meant to be curious and also to learn a little bit of everything around them as quickly as possible, this is because these toddler’s brains are in the process of building acute neural connections so as to be able to predict how events turn out under some certain conditions. Take note of every of your actions around them because they will try to copy it and also move around to explore anything they can lay their hands on.

  • Respecting your Toddlers

Having toddlers around is a big deal ad they deserve the respect you can give them, this does not mean not correcting them when doing the wrong thing. Learn to know the line between respect and fear, when you guide your toddlers to having a good sense of what goes on around them you tend to have a warm relationship with them and avoids them pushing back when you talk to them and not diminishing them this will make them obey your request.

  • Create a parent-child time

There is no harm in having these little miracles talk to you about their thoughts and beliefs, you’d be amazed at what goes on in that little head of theirs. This one-on-one time creates an atmosphere of trust and closeness to your child and they will open up to you. Also when listening to them talk during these private time take more time listening than talking, the goal is to make them feel free and also trust you with everything without holding anything back.

  • Building up Independence

It is the job of every parent to raise a child to be independent and capable, this consists of letting them make up their own choices and taking full responsibility of the outcome. Toddlers’ brain can easily be thought to view things in a certain manner and when you train them right from their young age they will grow up to be responsible adults.

  • Self-Regulations and Energy

There will be some mornings when your toddler will fill they are at full strength and they can do anything because they are filled with energy and enthusiasm. We parents feel our wonderful parenting is a waste but you need to understand they are just toddlers and they all have their moments, we as parents just need to stick around to comfort them when all those energy are gone. Remember that in these moments they are not naughty or disobedient they are just trying to cope.


  • Social and Emotional Growth

Most toddlers under three are been researched and are known to not be able to comprehend what sharing is, so this should not be strange to you when your child snatches something from another child  or shove in something when you ask them to share. All you have to is to sit them down and let them understand how this things work and also validate how those big ugly feelings work especially stinginess, anger, and frustration. You don’t have to punish them all you have to do is just make them understand.

  • Sleeping regulation

Toddlers feel they are brave enough to decide when to sleep or not and we as parents feel we are entitled to dictate to them when to sleep or not. You as a parent just need to let them know it is late and they need to rest and sometimes they are just afraid, please comfort them.

  • Meals and snacks Consumption

It is normal for your toddlers to not be hungry all the time and all parent need to do is to come to terms with it. They are not always hungry and this is completely normal.

  • Communication

This is considered as the biggest link between parent and kids and this can be frustrating as most parents don’t know what and how their kids are feeling. Communications doesn’t all have to be verbal you just to get close to them and just give them a hug, this can go a very long way.  

This little window in the life of the toddler is quite essential and if you happen to impact such a child at such early stage it will bring up the child to be responsible and highly independent.

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