Top Ten Hot Tips Disciplining Toddlers

Ten Tips To Help Discipline Your Child

Ever get fed up and tired of your toddlers? And you feel you have tried all the techniques your parents used on disciplining you but still it yielded no results. An example of this is the pain and lamentation of a mother when she was relating them to me, in her words “I love my kids but they are driving me nuts and all my discipline methods seem not to have any effect on them. They are so strong willed and some days I don’t even like them anymore”.

Well toddlers can be really intense but just with a little direction your toddlers can go in the right direction. Parents can relate to having felt some pain when raising their toddlers, I personally can relate to this having raised five awesome but strong willed toddlers to adulthood and now I watch them raise their own kids with the same technique I used and it’s having some personal impact on their lives. Today I have brought to you some amazing and helpful tips I hope might encourage you in disciplining with your toddlers the right way.

Helpful Tips in Disciplining With Toddlers

  • Frequent Use of the Word “Obey”

The frequent use of the word “obey” will over time get accustomed to your child as this is the first step to disciplining them and this will make them know you mean it. In a good parent-to-child voice tell your child “if you don’t obey me I will have to punish you” and when he/she fails to obey you should learn to follow course with a punishment. This will teach such toddler you are reliable.

  • Take appropriate action when they misbehave In Public

You have to come to terms that toddlers are very smart and they believe when they are in public they can get away with any form disobedience either they are in the mall or the grocery store, it is your duty as a responsible parent to find a suitable place and discipline them in private. The principle you are teaching such toddler is that “no matter the environment I am or who I am with a good behaviour is the best no matter what”.

  • Always Know Your Goal For Disciplining Your Child

We all want to teach our toddlers to obey us and we as their earthy parents feel responsible for making them into responsible adults. We as parents need to have at the back our mind what is the aim for disciplining our toddler. What I have come to understand after many years with young mothers is that the main goal for disciplining your toddler should always to be able to take responsibility of whatsoever they do and know they can rely on you.

  • Keep A Very Long-Range Perspective

Not all kids are the same, some kids get to know things after few days and some few weeks while others take years to know it always to keep a very long-range perspective and this can make training quite exhausting but if you keep at it, you will raise a responsible adult.

  • Know the Differences Between Whines and Intentional Disobedience

It is agreed that disobedience require immediate punishment but it is different for whining kids because they are usually exhausted and need to be left alone to go to their room to play quietly don’t think they are ignoring you, they just need an alone time that’s all.


  • Place a Specific Consequences For Disobedience

Explain to your child the consequences for any disobedience, tell them the best possible way you ca without scaring them but making respect you. Keep in mind that any time you make a consequence for any disobedience it is enforced at least 3 times, this will make your child you really mean what you say.

  • Don’t Over Negotiate With Your Kids

Coming to terms with your kids over an issue isn’t a bad idea but some of we parents tend to over negotiate with our kids and this makes them think they are the one in charge. You don’t have to threaten your child, kids don’t need words they need actions. If care is not taken, over negotiating the terms and conditions for any form of action they exhibit might result in total insecurity.

  • Consistency is the Key

This seems to be the hardest for most parent but the lesson you are communicating to them is that you are dependable and reliable. When there is consistent action in place for any of their reaction they will know you are in control of them and not the other way around.

  • Immediate Discipline

This is directed for mainly your toddlers, punishing your child is necessary but there is also a limit to everything. The punishment for any disobedience should always be immediate but whenever you punish them for any action you have to call them back explain to them why you punish them and also reason for them not to do it again as this will bring them closer to you and makes them feel secure with you.

  • Couples Need to Have an Understanding On Discipline

The agreement of both husband and wife is essential because whenever a child is being corrected or caution on something by the mother, the father needs to agree to the action because if care is not taken children will learn to play one parent against another.

The feeling of failure on the part of the parent is normal and you don’t have to give up on your child, no parent has the discipline thing on lock down all parent just have to try their possible best to rest a responsible adult.

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