Tips To Make Travel Toddler Friendly

Make Travel Toddler Friendly

Taking your toddler travelling can really be exciting but also very daunting. Georgina Wilson is a very devoted mother who has no plans on forgoing her jetsetting career despite the fact that she has a baby boy.

Her career-driven lifestyle has in no way affected her caring for your child in her words “I bring him anywhere and I think that will make him stronger when growing up. I think that’s probably my mothering style” That was what she told reporters who were on the sidelines of her endorsement gig.  Georgina’s husband who is a British businessman, Arthur Burnard who is based in Shanghai flies their family frequently.

Some tips Georgina offered on how to make travelling with your baby fun and easy:

  • Find a Lightweight Stroller

When families are in foreign countries it will be easy to just move your toddler in a stroller, this makes things easier and also comfortable. According to Georgina a lightweight stroller is the best option for you.

  • Play On The Plane

Some parents find it quite better for their kids to sleep on the plane but Georgina has revealed that it is better to have a conversation with your kids as this keeps him from wailing and throwing tantrums during flight.

  • Learn to Enjoy to your Trips

During any trip spending and enjoying quality time with your kids should always be the priority. Show your kids you are enjoying the trip with him being there with you. Georgina has some few words to add, she said “up till now I don’t bring a yaga when I travel because I find it as an opportunity to get to know him the more.” Every moment with your toddler during your trip is a precious moment and she advised moms to always make good use of it.

  • Worry Less

The feeling of experiencing new things should not be limited to you as a parent alone, have no worry letting your kids experiencing have the same opportunity is very good. According to Georgina she has let her 11-month old baby experienced a lot of things including strolling in Paris and also hiking in New Zealand, all this and many more were possible just because she allowed it and worried less. She added that if things get complicated when changing diapers all she just does is ask for help from people around and she doesn’t need a nanny.

  • Pack your Stuff Wisely

Georgina is caring mother and she makes sure she packs all that is needed for the baby. Imploring this idea when you have a baby is quite good as it helps you prepare for the worst. Among things she stated a baby bad must have includes diapers, wet wipes, formula, bottles, and a change of clothes.

Taking time to spend quality time with your family especially your kids is very good and you doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass when you travel, take your kids and explore the world.

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