Tips To Help Communicate With Your Toddler

Toddler Whisper Tips

Our toddlers do whisper and we parents sometimes don’t know or understand what they are saying, keeping a unique communication with you kid is the main goal here and also the key to understanding what could be wrong with your child. A child whispering isn’t always about a bad thing some parents use this to communicate with their kids.

If your kids happen to whisper most of his communications here are few tips to help you understand them the more:

  • Study and Observe

As a parent you have to take out time to observe, study, and learn how your child relate and react to every action. You can even go to the extra mile of anticipating what his next moves could be. A parent’s point of view should be aimed at discovering the non-verbal part of his or child, stop looking at it from the adult point of view but rather put yourself in their shoes. When this is carried out you will understand your child the more and this is now the best possible way of understanding them without having to control or embarrassing them.

  • Repetition is necessary and normal

Your toddlers need to experience certain events over and over so as to get accustomed to it and also in order to handle some emotions. A lot of practice and repetition is needed for a toddler especially if your kid happen to be scared most of the time and you as a parent know this and you are always with a comforting word like “I’m here with you have no fear” or when he gets frustrated when he’s playing with his toys and some doesn’t fit comforting him with “are you upset because it doesn’t fit? Try it another way” words like this brings peace to the kid’s mind. Over time all this interactions would have gotten stuck in their head and it will comfort them when they are in a similar situation.

  • The Kid’s Brain Processes Things Differently

Toddlers have a dramatic way of processing emotions and have little or no time to rationally think of a way out of it. The neural connections of their brains in conjunction with their emotional response is really low and this happen to be the most important wiring made in the brain development of a toddler, but connections of this type take years to develop and become automatic so the linking of your child emotion and also its personal happen over a course of time through interactions with different people and also events occurred.

You should keep it at the back of your mind that some kids cannot handle some negative emotions and they will automatically respond based on what their little brain can direct them to do so you as a parent need to have imparted your toddler with positive thoughts so as to make him have a good impact on himself and people around him.

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