Tips and Tools to become champions with Pre- Teens

Are You A Pre-teen Champion?

A Champion is a person or parent or guardian or family member or mentor that the young kids trust to be honest and open with.  I would encourage you to use the below tips and tools to become a champion to your young kid and build trust with them.


Fact about Pre- teens:

Pre-teen experience the physical, and emotional changes and experience the change of sexual maturity / puberty, probably slowly or quickly than their peers.

They might get little separated from parents and move easily with friends, peers and romantic partners

They are known for their concrete thinking skills

Talk to them about Sexual health

  • Start to converse with them about the sexual health and it is just normal. Start younger so that this facilitates the comfortableness with you and the kids and kids then can feel that they can open up with you honestly and get help from you whenever needed.
  • Ensure you review policies on sexual health education. Be the first to be the change.

Never too early to start a conversation about sex and relationships

You can begin the conversation with topics like Sexual maturity / puberty, what is healthy versus unhealthy relationships, who is responsible for their bodies and safety. You know that pre-teen at this age are mostly concerned about what their peer thinks, so it’s always important to ask them about their peers and other relationships. These kinds of conversation will create a solid foundation for more to come in their future.

Use indirect way or pop culture for talking

Always try talking through the way they are interested in. For EX: try to talk by incorporating about movies, videos, photos, or TV shows. Sometimes you might talk to them about their friends, ask them about romantic relationships.

For EX: I know that you are watching Andy Mack or fosters. You see people kissing, falling in love etc. and let’s talk about how do you feel seeing those scenes?

Always be Approachable and help them whenever needed

Be there as a person who is approachable by Pre-teens even though you might not have all the answers with you. You can help them whenever needed personally or professionally. This way, you can build trust with them and the they can be open and honest with you.

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