The old-Fashioned Baby Advice You Need to Ignore

Think Twice Before Taking Old Parenting Advice

Parenting has never been a solo effort. Families and friends will weigh in with advice about your new baby. Still, if you are new parents or guardians, you may need to look to your own inner voice when turning away the tirade of doubtful counsel tossed your way after you have had a child, says parenting authority Dr Howard Chilton.

Counsel such as: “let them cry it out” or “you need to burp them after each feed” or “you shouldn’t have spicy meals when you’re breastfeeding”.

According to Dr Chilton, “Little infants draw opinions like a magnets. Everybody has  advice to give.”

Dr Chilton, who will be speaking at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show in Sydney in September, has been a neonatologist for over 35 years. He is the father of two young ladies, and now a granddad. He has likewise authored various books, including “Baby on Board” and “Your Cherished Baby”.

One of the greatest false impressions is that infants have power over their conduct.

“Parents are deceived into thinking that they can manipulate their baby’s life if they are disciplined enough,” he said.

“And if managed in the correct way they don’t have to interrupt your lifestyle.”

Dr Chilton affirmed this was a “very old-fashioned attitude” which motivates much wrong advice.

“We have to let parents know that how they treat their baby is how they’d treat their fetus – continuous care, continuous food and they cannot manipulate you. They’re just trying to survive,” he stated.

“Anything suggestion to the contrary, isn’t right. It’s that basic.”

One such suggestion was for parents to give their crying infants time to

“cry it out”.

“Don’t do this,” he said.

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