Sleeping Tips for Toddlers Who Wake In the Night

Does Your Toddler Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night?

It is the Joy of every parent for their toddlers to stop being the wee-wee baby who wakes up in the middle of the night for feeds or to take a wee which means you as a parent are now sleeping more. It is being discovered that a whopping 41 percent of kids under the age of three tend to stay awake during the night.

Your toddler might happen to just be perfectly fine and in good condition and are not in the mood to close their little eyes, this had made more parents nervous than usual and they don’t know how to make such toddler sleep again which then leads to unrest in the parents. Below are a few tips to help you and your little kid have a good night sleep and drift off.  

  • Always go to Bed Early

The hours of 8pm and 12 pm have proven to be the deepest hours of sleep for toddlers and when they happen to still be awake at this time something might actually not be wrong with them, so the best possible way to fix this is trying an earlier bedtime, maybe 7pm or 7:30pm.

  • Never Rush In

Most toddlers are trying to get asleep by themselves and when you burst into their room it can disturb their sleep and with just a pat on the back or a kiss it could fix this and this is called sleep association.

  • Offer your Toddler a Little help

Cuddling your toddler after he wakes up is a perfect trick to make him sleep again. As soon as he wakes up you can decide to pick him up and cuddle him back to sleep, if he whimpers try as much more as possible to delay your return to see if he will go back to sleep.

  • Provide him a Comforter

A little toy or a stuffed animal can serve as a comforter when you are not there, over time he will get attached to this things and will use that toy or stuffed animal as a comforter when you are not there. This will serve to protect them instead of always crying or calling out for you.

  • A Perfect Bedtime Routine

Have a consistent bedtime routine with your toddler as this will soothe your little ones even better, this routine may include a warm bath at night and also a good night song or story. When you do this routine every night your toddler will always be prepared and know it is time for bed.

Keeping up with this routine is essential in the proper upbringing of your child morally, socially, academically, psychologically, and emotionally. It will also foster a better relationship between you and your child.


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