Real Parent Advice Tips for Potty Training Toddlers

Real Advice For Parents When Potty Training Toddlers

The potty training of a toddler is not easy and almost all parents find it difficult for their kids to do the potty training as they are indecisive on what particular age for the child to start using the adult potty. The potty training in very necessary for your toddler although a lot of specialist out there might put a certain age to it is quite important for you as a parent to know your toddler well enough to decide when he or she is ready.

Different kids grasp the concepts of using the potty differently and this is because the mentality of each and every kid differ on certain levels of understanding. Below are some helpful tips we have carefully outlined to help you as parent train your kids for a potty:

  • Bedtime can seem to be tricky

The bedtime is the hardest part when you are teaching your kids the use of the potty because as the night rolls and he is all set for bed, but then he suddenly realizes he needs to use the toilet. Most parents might panic because they feel it is late. But the best solution for you is to serve a late dinner so as to make your child full and he will not need any more food or drinks before bed.

  • Let Their Teachers be Aware

The main thing that can help foster your child in their potty training is consistency. All the teachers teaching your kids need to be on the same page as you are in the training so as to impart the training and make it much more efficient.

  • Let Him Take Breaks

Making your child adjust into a new habit can really be tedious and quite exhausting for the child, you as a parent might look at it as a simple task, but these amazing little ones have spent the last three years with diapers on so you need to take your time with them. You will have to train him at home both in the morning and in the afternoon but please let him go about his normal routine of eating, drinking, and running around but try as much to put him on a potty at least every 20 minutes.  

  • Beautiful Accessories

Most kids get attracted to colours and they also love explore, learn and do things in a fun environment. This is because their senses are going wild for new scents and colours so try as much as possible to make your bathroom attractive to your kids.

  • Make Training a Game

Training your child the normal way might seem boring way and also time consuming. For example you put cherries in your child’s potty and tell them to aim at it when they about to pee then offer him a reward if he got the target.

We all different parenting style so we all have to pick out the best suitable one we find suitable for our toddler and that we can do consistently without hesitation. Also remember to always have a positive orientation towards your toddlers.

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