Pre-teens talking to Strangers online – A Warning to Parents

Does Your Pre-teen Have Access To The Internet?

Do you feel that your child talk to strangers online?

The children at the age of 8 to 9 are being at risk through internet usage. They access internet by avoiding age restrictions via apps and talking to strangers and if they are not supervised, obviously the risk for them is high.

The data says around 34% of pre-teens talk to strangers online. So, here is the call to the parents to supervise their pre-teens internet usage.

Almost 50% of 3rd standard pupils have their online presence on social media and messaging apps.

Result of the survey were published to concur with Safer Internet Day, which aims to encourage safer and more responsible use of Internet and online technology.


Messenger Apps

There was a study which was carried between September and November last year and ran the survey for approximately 1500 children aged between 8 to 14. The result of the study shows that two third of the preteens had smartphone and more than fifty percentage were using messing apps and social media.

Almost 83% of pupil in 6th class have their presence on social media and messaging apps.

Nearly 28 percent of the pre-teens spend almost two hours online every day  and around 70 percent uses the social media forum like Facebook, Instagram and chat messengers. All these social media platforms prohibit under 13s with terms of service and conditions.

The parents simply cannot continue to have this enormous gap between what pre-teens are doing online and what parents know

Call from charity – there is a national campaign to highlight and identify the issue for parents and teachers, and to help them with the information they need to know to protect their children.


Guide and Supervise your pre-teen when they use internet



“It is always good to guide and supervise your pre- teens who access the internet, especially when they are young. Only Allow them to use internet with your guidance and supervision.” Cybersafe Ireland’s chief executive officer, Mr. Alex Cooney said.


The internet charity asks the parents to do a research on what apps and services their pre-teens were using, and to start a conversation with them about appropriate usage of internet technology and behavior online.


There is raising gap between what pre-teen are doing online and parents know and understand about their kid’s online lives.


“Children are fond of modern technologies and there are benefits to that but we must teach children and parents to manage the risks that the pre-teens are exposed online”, said by Cliona Curley, Cybersafe Ireland’s programme director.


There are many instances and term for blackmailing the young girls asking them to send their sexually graphic pics, videos through messengers like skype, snapchat, kik.



They would appoint a digital safety commissioner this year to track and monitor child online safety, promote a positive digital usage among pre-teens, teens and help Identify illegal content and to remove it.

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