Practical Advice for Teens to Avoid drinking

How Teens Can Avoid Drinking

Do you have pressure from your peers or social media to drink?

Do you want to stick with your decision not to drink?

You know not all teens wants to drink Alcohol. However, the pressure from their friends, social media, and modern world surrounds them to drink alcohol.

How to avoid it? Here are practical tips for our teens to stick with their decision not to drink alcohol.

Having said that, not every teens drink alcohol. They might have number of reasons for it. They may be

  1. Simply they don’t want to drink
  2. They want to follow the rule
  3. Some may have some health issues and under medicines
  4. Some have family history and culture
  5. Some might not like it or enjoy drinking

Peer Pressure for Alcohol

As a parent, you can help your teens in a positive and proactive ways.

The most helpful thing a parent can do is to talk to your teens and make it a practice to have ongoing conversation about the issues. The research shows that parents who talk about the issues raised due to alcohol consumptions to their teens help them to not to drink alcohol. You can empower your child not to give into social media pressure to drink.

If your teen is being pressured to drink, it is because of others which needs someone with them to who drinks along with them. As you know that people always feel better about their own choices if they have others doing the same thing around them.

Tips to avoid alcohol for teens

Teens can follow the below tips to avoid drinking alcohol.

Holding a Cup

If teens are in party or in any situation where others drink, Traue suggests that holding a cup with nonalcoholic drink makes other to assume that you don’t need a drink.  Also, teens can setup a secret code or emoji to their parents or friends to get out of the setting.

Act as a Designated Driver

Teens having driving license can act as a Designated driver, which can put their friends in a pass zone when it comes to alcohol pressure.


Tell them you are on Medicines

Tell your friends that you are on medicines which does not go well with alcohol is a good strategy to get out of drinking, Guttman idea to Teens. Also, he says most of his clients with health issues find friends who are not big drinkers to attend celebrations or party so that they don’t feel alone in the party.

Try to find Alternative activities

At a heavy drinking party, a non-drinking teen finds it difficult to spend their time. So, you need to find alternative activities. Always find a list of activities by siting with your teens that they enjoy with their friends and support these activities by offering them the right environment, and arrange for transportation, or whatever the other support you can offer to them.

Finally, you can help your teens by reminding them the real data and reports which shows the downward trend in teen drinking. So, sharing positive data and realistic reports to teens help them understand what will promote health and safety.

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