Planning For Toddlers at Disney World

How To Plan Your Disney Trip

Every little kid’s dream is to visit Disney world and explore its theme parks, but most of our parents are lost in the perfect choice to pick out from so as to impress their kids and give them the perfect visit of their lives.  

Visiting the Disney world with your kids doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass or even stressful in any form and some parents are left wondering if Disney world is really worth for their toddlers. I will strictly advice almost all parents to visit Disney world with their toddlers as they get to meet their favourite characters of all time.

The joy in a toddler’s eye when he meets Mickey Mouse cannot be quantified with words and these feelings can always be remembered with wonderful pictures which will bring back wonderful moments and also light up the mood of such toddler, so it is totally worth it for your kid to have these moments in the course of their lives.

Various Things Your Toddler Can Experience at Disney World

  • Fireworks

The fireworks at Disney world brings life to the environment and this fireworks are available for toddlers which are completely harmless, the brightness of the sky and the dispersing it makes within the stars is a joy to watch all the time and this always captures everyone’s attentions by taking time to look at the beautiful works of the Disney world.

  • Best Shows for Toddlers

Almost all toddlers have watched and love frozen, beauty and the beast, maleficent, Voyage of the little Mermaid amongst others and this is the perfect opportunity to have them see their beloved characters live on stage. When the frozen sing-along celebration song comes up it serves as an opportunity for kids to see Anna and Elsa live on stage, this is a funny show that brings joy and laughter to everyone’s faces, there is also a chance to sing the frozen song together.

  • Toy Stories

In the toy story land, there are three rides “The toy story mania, Alien swirling saucers and Slinky dog dash” this rides in toy story land are fun for toddlers. The Alien swirling saucers has a requirement of a minimum height of at least 32 inches, this is a super cute ride and if your toddler is tall enough he can ride.

  • Theme Park

The Disney world theme pack is a place that every toddler needs to be. The theme park has what they call The Boneyard, the Boneyard happens to be an open air space meant for kids to run around and explore, the setting of the Boneyard is designed in such a way that it looks like a fossil dig site. There are bridges, ropes, slides and many other more.  

  • Magic Kingdoms Character Meets and Greets

The Disney world for toddlers is incomplete without your toddler meeting a character, it doesn’t have to be his favourite but ordinarily meeting a character spikes a smile on their face and they look at you in appreciation. There are various meets and greets in the Disney world and the air-conditioned meets and greets are the best. The air-conditioned meets and greets include characters like Daisy duck, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Princess Fairytale Hall, and Donald Duck from the Pete’s silly slideshow in storybook circus.

So parents this is the perfect time to take your kids to the Disney world and please do not hesitate in doing this, a lot of amazing memories can be made and also it brings the family closer to each other, it is a nice place for any family to be.

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