How to prepare your teen driver for a smooth road ahead

Tips To Prepare Your Teen For Driving

Do you think that your teen is prepared to drive?

How do you prepare them for a smooth road ahead?

Guiding and preparing your teen through this new and exciting time can be a little worrying!  Safe driving skills are a very important investment in your teen’s safety and future.

The studies say one in every four new teen driver will experience accidents or a collision within their first year of driving.

This is worrying stuff for the parents. Nowadays when teens turn 14 they can get their learner’s permit and this gives them a lot of time to practice their skills behind the wheel.

Here are some tips on how you can prepare your teen driver for a smooth road ahead.

Be Calm, Patient and Encouraging

Keeping our emotions in check is perhaps the hardest part. Once your teen starts driving, don’t freak out, if you do, then it’s likely your teen will also which can be dangerous for everyone in the vehicle. So, ensure you are calm, patient and encouraging.

Chief instructor with AMA Driver Education, Wayne McLachlan says “Sometimes, as parents – we tend to yell, or don’t provide them help early enough to avoid near misses,”

Where can you allow your teen to practice driving is also important. The places like empty parking lots, parks and suburbs are good places to start with where they can avoid peak traffic times.

Professional Coach Versus Parents Coach

Few parents may feel that they can do a good job of training their teen driver with basic rules of the road because they feel the rules haven’t changed that much in the last 30 years. Right now, we have more complex roadways, traffic circles, and roundabouts. So, parents need to make sure they are up to date with the latest traffic laws.

Alberta Transportation strongly recommends a professional driver training course for your teens. The course consists of 15 hours of classroom and 10 hours of driving time, where this may sound like so much but it’s not. This will help your teens to learn from the instructors about the rules and regulations.

McLachlan says, “Our goal is not just teaching the teens drivers on how to pass the driving but also teach them how to navigate the difficult driving situations so that they are driving safely”

The professional driving classes build their confidence and this helps them to drive safely.

Yes, for the basic courses it starts at about $700, and course completion qualifies your teen for a 10-40% discount on your insurance premiums for three years.

Understand the difficult key spots for teen drivers

The key spots young drivers struggle with are roundabouts, lane changes, and spatial awareness. They misjudge on the room when passing, driving in parking or tight spaces as they’re inexperienced, and not sure what they’re looking for. So, its important that they get enough coach and training to identify key traffic situations like pedestrians, residential areas, intersections and ground scanning for kids.

Talk about keeping the Distractions away

Our teens are very much attached to their phones. So, make sure to talk to them to turn phones off and put them out of reach. The fine for distracted driving is $287 and leads to three demerit points against their license. And you should know that a new probationary driver has only eight to begin with. Smart phones, Radio and personal grooming and a GPS device can be the distracted devices. So, talk to your teens about the danger of distracted driving ad make them understand the issues and consequences.

As parents, it’s always a good practice to touch on practical aspects of operating a vehicle. Teach them to check the tire pressure, oil and coolant levels and how to change the flat tire.

Teens to earn privileges gradually

It’s also fun to watch your teens embrace their new-found independence. Teens need to show a lot of responsibility with the vehicle and Parents can gradually allow them to venture farther away and out with friends.

Parents should establish clear rules and limits on the vehicle and talk to them about those and the consequences if those rules are broken. You need to set the expectations to your teen clearly that your teen to reach home at 11 PM but his car needs to be in the driveway by 10 PM.

You can also revoke their license legally if you are seriously concerned about your teen’s driving with too many accidents.

Final tips for you to have in mind

  • Good to start with Driver’s Guide
  • Flash cards is something which is fun to your teens and have them take online practice exams
  • Get a yellow Student Driver sign at the registry
  • A parent-teen driving contract


Hope this helps!!!

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