How To Make Your Teens Listen To You

Here’s How To Get Your Teen To Listen

Does your teen not listening to you?

Does you have conflict often with your teens?

As parents, you would often face the challenge of getting your teens to listen to you, having them conform to some basic expectations and handling the struggle between control and independence.

When you have a teen, the term “conflict” is not a stranger, because Conflict is normal in a parent — teen relationship.

Thinking how do we manage the conflict, enforce expectations and still allow for growth?

Well, the parents set limits and teens always push them, because this is a part of the growing process. The teens believe that they become independent, and fully functioning adults. As parents, we all need to honor the struggle for their new-found independence and still ensure your teens are safe.

Here are a few things you can do to improve your chances of success.

Set and Prioritize your expectations

When you define expectations to your teens, make sure you prioritize the important ones and don’t take other seriously, like when your teen leaves their books in the middle of the floor or all over the bedroom is not as important as he submits the application to the college within the deadline.  Please review your list of expectations and decide what is important and what is not. This will give you control and relief over them.

Make sure you Listen your teens

Make sure you listen to your teens and provide opportunities for self-expression. Would suggest having a casual conversation over coffee or breakfast. Make sure you think ahead of the questions you might want to ask so that you can be realistic and ask questions where they can explain and most importantly pay attention when they talk.


Be patient with your teens

As parents, you should understand that words often come slowly in parent teen conversation and always look for right time to start the conversations. When there are signs of joy or fun or even struggle in your teen, make sure you open to talk honestly and give them ample time for their thoughts. This helps them to build trust and have meaningful conversation with you.


Be Supportive to your teens

You can be a champion to your teens who supports and help them wherever needed. Your teen may be talk much or may not say sorry or thank you for what you do but you can still be a champion in your teens life. Being a positive, stable, loving, open, honest and reliable parent is very important for your teens development.

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