How Parents Can Help Pre-teens Battle Back To School Anxiety

How To Help Your Kids Deal With The Stress Of Back To School

It’s  time for your pre-teen to go back to school…  Does your child show signs of anxiety?

It’s always normal and common for the kids to have lots of anxiety about going back to school for every year they have step up in their studies, especially when they are going to new grade or new school.

All the issues caused by anxiety very much depend upon the mindset of the pre-teens. And Pre-teens having any impairment like neurological issues, obesity, or behavioral issues will have more anxiety than the pre-teen who don’t. Commonly most of the pre-teen experience nervousness at the start of the school.

My advice to the parents would be to use the below tips and tools.

Talk to your kids positively about the new grade and start to talk about their accomplishments.

Begin your conversation to your pre-teens like” this year is going to be a great year for you as you have worked and attained a successful result on Science subject last spring”

“I know that you would be successful this year for sure as you have put so much effort in Math subject last year and that is going to pay you off this year”

When you say these kinds of dialogues regularly to your pre-teens will help them motivate and make them strong and helps them to battle the anxiety.

It is also very important for you to be very honest and realistic when you talk to pre-teens and connect with actual thing. Always be open and listen and embrace their physical changes and understand their new-found independence.

For instance, “Hey, Kevin – all that practice of running you did last year is going to really show the first couple of days of soccer.”

Encourage your kids that they can do their best in coming new grade and if they are going to new school, help them understand the unfamiliar environment, allow them to make new friends and always shower the love and motivation through your positive talks.

Understand their feelings of insecurity at the school and try to connect with them with something tangible that your pre-teen can grab onto and affirm.

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