Five Tips To Developing a Routine For Your Toddler

Develop a Routine For Your Toddler

Developing a routine for toddlers is very necessary and also essential in bringing up a child, most toddlers when they were young had a bedtime routine which involves saying prayers, giving hugs, goodnight kisses, reading story and also listening some music. This made kids safe and secure.

As a parent we try to show our toddlers how to navigate thru life but our toddlers are always on the move and parents find it hard to convince their children to listen and follow a steady routine. Parents are also at fault as some are always on the move and have little or no time to dedicate to their children’s routine because they are busy building a career for themselves.

Here are five awesome tips we have in order to develop a regular routine with your toddler:

  • Look for a Perfect Time

Your work shouldn’t hinder you from creating a routine with your toddler, find time to establish a regular routine bedtime. You will soon notice that once you establish a sleep routine for your children you will gain back more time for yourself. You can start by reading a short story or just an interesting picture book in order to teach them a lesson.

  • Offer your Kids the Full Attention

A stable routine doesn’t just have to be about imparting information to your kids but spending quality time with your kids. Try to give them the quality time they deserve by putting away your phone and then look them in the eye. You can also hold their hands or hug them so they can feel the emotional connection.

  • Use Music for a perfect Memory

When kids fall asleep they want to listen to a cool set of music or lullabies, children tend to acquire more information which stays longer in their memory when they listen to music. An example could be some nice gospel songs or children songs that will keep their brain relaxed.

  • Have a talk with God

A private and personal time with your God is good, hold your hands together, close your eyes, bow your head and tell your kids to do the same. Have a very short prayer which will be memorable to the kids which is good in bringing up the family. Then tell your toddlers to take turns in asking them to talk to God and request for what they want and also learn to say Thank you when they finish praying.

  • Read Something Simple for your Kids

Research has shown that two to three year olds have a very short attention span of around three minutes and also their understanding of English vocabulary is limited to some certain extent. When you start your routine keep your reading of books simple of short and simple.

If you are a new family, time with your toddler is essential and when you keep this techniques in check, your family will always thrive in all aspects.

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