Expert tips to talk to your Pre-teens about Sex

Expert tips to talk to your Pre-teens about Sex



Are you feeling embarrassed to talk to your child about sex?

Do you want to know when to start talking about sex to your child?

One of the most difficult things for many parents is talking to their preteens about sex.

Well, as parents we always wanted our children to be healthy and safe

Here you are 7 tips to start having healthy conversations about sex with your pre-teens

When to start talking about sex to your child

Well, it is always important to keep the lines of communication open with your child about the sex from an early age. So, start to talk about it when they are young. Start to teach them the correct names of their genitals and don’t use nick names for it. As a parent, your kid is going to embarrass you, no matter what you do. Starting young will give both you and your child a comfortable way to handle this topic and get used to it.

  1. Consider their age and keep it light according to it

Some children between 6 to 8 years have a more serious talk about “where do babies come from”. So, before talking to them about these topics, consider your child age and know whether she is ready to handle this topic at this age. Ensure your tone and the language you use does not make them uncomfortable and feel ashamed.


  1. Ensure you always check your emotional baggage

We all have different stories and experiences, you should always consider your own experience you had with your body and sex before you start any conversation with your child. I know its uncomfortable and the pre-teens might squirm and roll their eyes and it’s just normal. Let me understand this is okay to feel that way and you are always there to support and hear them whenever they need.

  1. Continuous talk helps

Start talking about your body and its positive language as a part of life. Start slowly when they are young rather then you sit with 12 years old and give them all the a to z talk about sex. Always use correct terms for genitals for years and then add layers to it on the topic of where do the babies come from. Always remember talk to them at appropriate age levels, then you are sure that you are laying a solid foundation to your pre-teen.

  1. Going beyond the basics

Well, you might have a question “going beyond the basics will spoil my kid”?

Yes, you can about to them and explain what sex is, how can one’s genitals work, and how a person get baby or pregnant. Always kids are curious about their bodies. So, let them know that it is normal. Let them know that they are responsible of their own body. Let them know that no one is allowed to touch the parts of them without their permission.

  1. Sexual Maturity, so called Puberty

Pre-teens are children already starting puberty. The pre-teens hormones, and moods, are already in fluctuating mode. They might want to know about sex one day and the next day they might have number of questions and want to know as much as possible. Talk to them about rules of dating and what can be done if they are feeling pressured etc. Explain them how a healthy relationship can be formed and what they can watch on the tv and why.

  1. Explain your journey to parenthood


Each person and their family are made in many different ways. Let them know whether your family journey includes infertility / adoption etc. also, think how you want to talk about this to your children.

 Remember no one is 100% right in this world. So, continue talking to your kids to get the core message that you care for them and want them to be safe and healthy. If you need more detailed advice on this subject, this book is easy to understand and goes into deeper details for you.

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