Complete Breastfeeding Guide

Guide To Breastfeeding

For new mothers, breastfeeding can seem like something that is difficult to do because most women are afraid that breastfeeding a child could make their breasts fall.  What most women fail to understand is getting to know the basic techniques and tips needed in breastfeeding a child

Unlike what most women have experienced breastfeeding is a whole new level and you as a mother need to get to know some things like when and how your baby is hungry, is he getting enough milk, keeping the baby on the boob, how to latch properly, how to pump the perfect way, and the greatest nightmare of every new mother is when they have a screaming baby and have no idea on how to calm him down enough to latch.

Here I will be giving you tips to guide you in breastfeeding:

  • More Sucking More Milk

When babies suck, it produces a let-down but it takes some few minutes of constant sucking to cause a let-down and it can be quite difficult to keep the boob long enough on a child so as to achieve a perfect let-down. The milk in a woman’s body is produced and this milk accumulates at the breast but it is only sucking that initiates a let-down.

At first sucking of the baby a milk is quickly released which is aimed at just quenching the baby’s thirst, this milk is mostly water and it is the foremilk then after few consistent sucking the milk is then released. The process of milk production is simply that, the more a baby sucks the more the body signals its other parts to make more milk.

  • Maintain Eye Contact during Breastfeeding

This is considered one of the basics in breastfeeding techniques, because this is the first way of bonding with your baby in a very special way. The distance between your face and breast should be kept at minimal.

  • Rate of Milk Supply

As a nursing mother you should always keep track of your milk supply, your milk supply will be established in 3 months and after that it is very difficult to change. The supply of your milk will increase drastically until after 3 months and you need to maximize these period and nurse both night and day.

  • Always Ensure They Are Swallowing the Milk

The more you nurse is the more milk you will produce and also the faster the milk will come out. You need to be certain that when you are producing this huge amounts of milk your baby is actually swallowing it and not just sucking it, while feeding you might not be able to see if they are actually swallowing it you can ask anybody around to check there throat or better still ask your partner to check. This is essential because if they are just sucking and not swallowing, after a few hours they will suffer dehydration which is really not good for a new born baby.

  • Focus Solely on Breastfeeding

As much as it is tempting to start going to work, working out, doing all other stressful activities in other to get out of the nine months scent and do something new. It is advisable for you as a new mother to stick to breastfeeding routine hereby giving your new born baby time and attention.

These tips mentioned above can really be helpful in making your breastfeeding experience a fulfilling one, not only are you giving them nutrition and helpful antibodies but you are also creating a unique mother-child bond. This bond breeds comfort, and a better sense of security which is a huge benefit to the mother and the society as a whole.

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