Advice to the parents of Pre-teen – Stuck in the middle

Advice For Parents With Pre-Teens

Are you stuck in the middle as a parent for pre-teen?

Have you tried being a pre-teen?

As a parent you would like to play with kid’s toys, being with friends, watching Disney channels and you might also like “Wow” stuffs like pop music, smart phones, Funny videos, and if you are a girl you might like makeups and try being a mom for a pre-teen!

Trust me, pre-teens usually separate themselves from parents and they move towards friends, smart phones, and romantic relationships.

Of course, being stuck in the middle is difficult phase. And it’s very difficult for the parent to manage and the pre-teens years are rough and tough!

Here are the few tips on how to prepare yourself when you are in these hearts stopping and mind stumping moments.

Tell them you may not be able to do it if they promise you to secrecy

If they promise you to secrecy, let them know upfront that you may not be able to. You can swear to not to share in public forum or in social media or with anyone else who doesn’t need to know, but the safety of others becomes first. You might need to repeat the same often until they trust and truly understand. Being honest with them upfront before hearing them will help you in longer run.


Don’t Overreact and be non- judgmental

You might get all kind of uncomfortable questions like “where do babies come from”. Try not to overreact or judgmental when you hear these questions from them, instead try to be your best to help them understand the topics based on their age level. Be open and talk to them on topics like Sex, puberty etc. and be approachable when they are in need.


Be prepared when they share inappropriate subject anywhere, anytime

It can be your home or school or library that they might share inappropriate subject without considering the location where they are in. Be prepared for these situations and handle them carefully and take this opportunity as a teaching moment about conversations and privacy


Listen and Build trust

Pre-teens need to be heard for what they feel it’s important. If the pre-teens think that you are listening to them and you give importance to their thoughts then they feel comfortable talking to you honestly and openly. So, give them a change to listen to them and build trust so that they will come to you for bigger stuffs.

Empathize and think on your toes

We all have had many stories and experiences that have prepared for anything out preteen may throw at us. But we never had the opportunity to deal with cyber bullying when we were pre teens. Another awkward thing is to help the other parents know about their child and the way he has written on social media and impact to your child seeing it.


Shower Love and Be approachable

It all starts with us and always be a person who encourages and loyal to pre-teens. Show your love and affection to them and build a strong relationship with them so that they feel that you are the person where they can approach for anything and everything.


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