Advice for “First Time Teen Drivers” and their Parents

Is Your Teen Starting To Drive? 

Is your teen going to drive to school for the first time on his own?

What they need to know to be safe.

First day to school of this academic year for students in Wyoming, and it is their” First time” driving to school for most of them.

Seventeen-year-old, Kevin Adams – A Student of Beechwood High School has been driving alone for his hockey practice in Fort Mitchell. But this is his first time driving to school.

He usually travels along with his mom who works in that school and they used to come together with lots of talking and having fun. Now he is excited about his freedom and his first time driving alone to school.

His mom, Shaun Adams says, “We usually have fun when Kevin comes to school with me in the mornings”. “We used to talk on lots of topics and have fun. Now, I am so excited for him because he will be coming in on his own. I know he likes the freedom of being able to drive himself to school.”

Here is the advice for the teens who drives for their first time to school and for their parents.

Mike Belcuore –  of AAA’s International Driving School, Cincinnati said

It’s very important and crucial for the parents of teens to discuss and set the expectations of driving to school with their teens and make sure they are familiar with the traffic rules. As these teens have never driven through the school zone and it’s important for them to slow down, keep away from phones while driving, and to pay attention to the traffic not only road traffic but also the extra pedestrian traffic.

Belcuore says that the two big mistakes the teen drivers make when driving to and from school are

  • Speed

Always teens when driving to school, they think running late. So, they will be in hurry and tend to drive fast. So, for the first time they drive, they are in hurry to reach the school fast. Hence, it’s important for the teens not to be fast and slow down through school zones and follow the traffic rules.

  • Distracted driving

Teens get distracted while driving. Teens would have not used their phones during school time and when they come out of school to leave home, they get into the car and the first thing they will do is they pull out the phone and get engaged. This might lead to many big issues. So, keeping these distractions away while driving is always a safe measure for them and others.

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