7 Expert tips to help your Teenager to beat Pre-Exam Stress

How to Manage your teens during Pre-Exam

Does your child struggles during Pre- Exam? Does your child shows signs of Stress?

Do you want to help manage their stress during Pre- exam time?

Stress during exam time doesn’t impact not only the child but it can also affect the whole family. It’s important to learn how to support your teenager during exam time, to help them manage their stress and to reduce any tension at home.

“With all these forces at work in a teen’s head and heart, it’s not surprising that, especially before exam time, they are vulnerable to feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and are sensitive to the pressure of not only learning, but doing well too. Whilst it’s also not good to be too ‘soft’ on teens, it’s wise to not dismiss the unique challenges they face,” says Claudia Swartzberg, CEO of Top Dog Education.

The pre- exam stress can include trouble in sleeping, trouble in concentrating, Anxiety, Feeling Isolated, Depression, avoiding school, feeling tensed, irritability, health issues, demotivated, no hope in future, not enjoying the activities like before

If your child displays any of these signs, it’s a good indicator that the child need to include some stress relief tactics in their exam preparation.


A UK Based international speaker and Award-winning author, Mr. Nicola Morgan, has these tips for helping your teens to beat pre- exam stress

1.Ensure they get as much sleep as possible

It is difficult for the kid to sleep especially during exam time. Remind them to go to bed at a regular time each night. Always ensure they get enough sleep, which helps them mentally.

2.Ensure they Eat Well and Stay Active

We need food to live healthy, grow strong and active.  Always encourage them to eat healthy nutritious foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, humus and Peanut butter, rice cakes. Ensure they get wholesome food, which is rich in protein, Vitamins and carbohydrates.

3.Turn off their phones

Connectivity and smart phones can be a wonderful thing but being connected all the time makes your child detract from physical and mental health and even performance in academics. So, ensure they turn off their phones for a while and talk to others and relax.

4.Make them to enjoy reading

Kids who enjoys reading relaxes them and allows them to get rid of worries and depressions. Encourage your kids to have a good practice of reading books for pleasure.
teen books

5.Encourage them to take or keep up a hobby

Even if you think your child don’t have enough time other than reading for exams and is too busy, encourage them to take or keep up a hobby. Hobbies help them to stay relaxed, take out their worries. Hobbies also enable one to socialize, build self-esteem, and have lots of fun – all great stress relievers.

6.Remind them to Laugh

Kids become more stressed during pre-exam and they forget to laugh. Laughter makes the brain produce feel-good chemicals called endorphins. Ensure they spend time with their friends, buy your child a joke book, allow them to watch comedies, funny videos, and encourage laughter than being silly during exam times

7.Ensure your child gets help when they need

Always keep talking with your child on their needs and ensure they get your support on timely basis. Also, check if they need any help from professionals and help them to provide the same. Be watchful for their stress and support them wherever needed.

Swartzberg also recommends that you be patient with your child, and be careful about the amount of pressure you put on them, and this could exacerbate their stress.

“Don’t forget to reward them for their study efforts, and even plan something relaxing or fun to do with them after exam time, so that they have something to look forward to,” says Swartzberg.

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