Tips To Teach A Toddler To Fall Asleep

Toddlers have boundless energy. Sometimes this vitality gets in the way of bedtime as they want to stay up far beyond limits.

Every good parent knows that ensuring your toddler gets a minimum of nine hours of sleep every day is part of the job. This is far from easy when the child dreams up a different earnest reason each night why he or she should stay up just five minutes longer.

When you are a working parent, tired out from your day at work, or you are a homemaker, exhausted with the thousand and one things that the home needs to function, a toddler’s high exuberance can be the literally the last thing you need. However you need not get into ugly fisticuffs to bid him or her beddie bye.

Here are 6 solid tips that get the job done every time.

  1. Evening Routine

Establish a habit. Even when toddlers can’t tell the time yet, they can tell what part of the day it is if you have a routine in place for bedtime, your toddler will be expectant and cooperative. You can build this into a fun activity with songs and stories.

  1. Prepare Your Kid Beforehand

Inform your toddler of the importance of rest and sleep, then help prepare him or her for sleep by having them brush their teeth, put on PJs and do some singing, or storytelling. This will make a huge difference in their willingness to head off to bed, as it means they are looking forward to another fun time.

  1. A Bed Does Matter

Toddlers like fun. In continuing the staging of bed time as fun time, have something interesting happening in the bedroom or on the bed. An interesting bed sheet, a bed shaped like a toy, or one covered by a tent. You should try and create an atmosphere of kid friendly excitement.

  1. Set Up Your Kid’s Biological Clock

Kids should go to bed between 6:30 and 8 pm.  As the time approaches, try to set up the toddler’s body for bed time by discouraging activity. Make the environment conducive with music and muted lighting. Their bodies will get the message.

  1. Think of a Snack

If your toddler is always waking up after bedtime, it might be that he or she needs a light snack to help him or her through the night. Make a low calorie sandwich and a drink without too much sugar, as sugar gives energy to children’s body, and about this time, you prefer them to slow down.

  1. Spend the Whole Day Right

Make sure all through the day your toddler is subtly preparing for bed time. A healthy toddler will usually have no problem getting a sound sleep every night. Activities that encourage good use of their bodies and brains such as outdoor exercise in the sunlight are great. Fresh air also makes for good health and vitality. Make sure your toddler has well balanced meals also. When your toddler’s body is well prepared, night time presents less of a problem.


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